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HyperHEPA Technology

HyperHEPA filtration technology gives HealthPro air purifier Swiss made by IQAir AG the ability to capture particles up to 100 times smaller than ordinary HEPA air filters. While other products may claim 99.97% efficiency for particles larger than 0.3 microns, they are only referring to the efficiency of the HEPA media itself and not to how well their product will perform. The reality is that almost all other air purifiers fall far short of this number and simply pass through dirty air. With IQAir AG's HyperHEPA system, you get a guaranteed minimum efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns and 99.95% at .003 microns. What this means for you is that what goes into an HealthPro, stays in a HealthPro and you can breathe easier knowing you can’t get a better product.

Certified Performance

IQAir AG is the world's only manufacturer that individually tests each air purifier it produces--ensuring that its performance meets the very highest standards set by the company. Every HealthPro comes with a hand-signed Certificate of Performance, detailing systems performance from fan speed to particulate retention.

Advanced Control with Sleek Remote

Every HealthPro comes with a high-tech control panel that allows you to set the fan speed, monitor your remaining filter life, adjust the pollution index and even program “start” and “stop” times to match you daily routine. Never guess again about when to change your filters—at the touch of a button you will see exactly how many hours are remaining on your filter. In addition to superior particulate

Molecular Control of Gases and Chemicals

Molecular Control of Gases and Chemicals HealthPro air purifier uses generous amounts of top-grade active carbon in their powerful gas and chemical filters. Active carbon acts like a sponge to capture and absorb gases, chemicals, VOC’s and odors that might be present in the air. Studies have concluded that most newer homes and offices in China have unsafe amounts of gases and chemicals present. The Health Pro 150, Health Pro 250 and the GC MultiGas Series are all units that contain active carbon filters.